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Frequently Asked Questions

?What is your Photography specialty? Have you been doing it long?

At 17 my grandparents bought me a Sony PD-150 Camcorder.  I was living in Los Angeles at the time and never thought I’d become a San Antonio Photographer down the line. At the time I was filming in Hollywood at events and premieres, mostly red carpet stuff.  Owning that camera lead to my learning video editing, and now I’m a YouTube Partner creating monetized content for them.  My photography follows the same formulas as my filmmaking – it has to tell a story.  I love working with passionate people, expressive people, and taking still images that capture the fun, that tells a story.  You may not feel like you have a story to tell, but I assure you I hear that every day, and every day we surprise people with how much feeling we’re able to capture with just a glance.  It would be an honor to help tell your story and capture the important moments in your life.

Full transparency here – if I had to put our services on a spectrum of cheapest to most expensive I would put us somewhere in the middle.  We have very high standards, both in the equipment we use, the studios we book with, and the end result we’ll accept.  For the price you also have our commitment that if you aren’t happy we aren’t happy.  Many photographers have a churn and burn approach that we’ve always rolled our eyes at – doing the same ten poses and printing the same ten prints with every client.  That isn’t us.  We want to get to know you and create images that tell your story.  Be honest with us about what your goals are and we’ll do everything we can to help make them a reality.

I love glamour photography of all styles and that absolutely includes boudoir.  I love immortalizing beauty.  If you’re in love that is a feeling you carry across your entire body, you can see it in your eyes.  If you’re single and on the prowl and you’re looking for love I’m also a firm believer that you see that passion and capture it on film.  Boudoir photography in San Antonio is absolutely something we do, but the goal is to capture the beauty of the moment regardless of the wardrobe.  My partner Laurel and I film together, both on YouTube and in our photography – so there is always a woman present to help with wardrobe and hair or makeup tweaks.  We provide a comfortable environment to immortalize your passion, your sensuality, and your beauty.

I am a kid.  Your children are my favorite because you’ll take them with you when we’re done taking family photos!  I am a high energy and goofy photographer and a father myself.  I’m very used to making kids laugh to get the right smile in the final photo and in a pinch I’ve done face swapping on that one picture where little Billy smiled correctly and moved it to the best overall photo so you get the best of all worlds.  All that said this is not Olan Mills, I don’t want to take boring family photos so if we can keep everyone smiling and laughing and having fun – my goal is every time you walk past that photo you smile, you laugh.  We’re creating more than a family portrait we’re creating memories and that’s goal one.

I’m so glad you asked FAQ that I wrote myself!  Yes!  I am a San Antonio Drone Photographer also and taking pictures with drones has opened a lot of doors (or windows as it were) to see things from a very different perspective.  The drone technology has evolved so far that we’re now taking drone video in 5.4k super high resolution meaning if we want to crop down to a 1080p or even a 4K image we can do that without any loss or pixelation.  We are experts at drone videography and drone photography here in San Antonio and we carry all required licenses and insurance at no additional cost to you.

Yes!  Rather than offering a blanket 20% off or something basic we discount the packages AND work with our print and presentation partners to get you the best possible price on your final wall pieces as well.  We believe that the military family experience can be a very difficult one and photos are a vital part of keeping every member of the family top of mind and honored wherever they might be deployed.  This discount extends to military and first responders of all kinds.

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