Mathew Egan

Portrait & Aerial Photography based in San Antonio, Texas

About Matthew

Few SEOs can boast a resume as varied as Matthew Egan. A high school drop out at 17 Matthew first began creating websites ranging from local businesses to nationally admired painters. In 2001 Matthew began contributing to the J.R.R. Tolkien fansite which hosted an audience of 100,000 daily visitors at its peak.

Search Engine Optimization was a daily part of website operations, though they didn’t know to call it “SEO” at the time, movie fans would be searching for news about casting decisions or spy reports from filming locations and all of those keywords were a huge component of’s success.

Working on the website entitled a young Matthew to a rare glimpse into movie making, often working with the cast and crew of the movies at events, and even speaking on a panel himself as a “Tolkien Scholar” at San Diego ComicCon in 2002.

Raised in Los Alamitos, California by his grandparents, Matthew spent a few years living in Hollywood, and then Cupertino before relocating permanently to San Antonio in 2009.

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